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was designed by a sports physiotherapist, who had experienced that added magnesium salts are great for conditioning. She wanted something her patients could massage into the skin around tight muscle areas, to give them ‘the Physio Edge’.

Studies have shown that magnesium is really important for many systems in your body. In fact, it is a vital mineral required for over 300 enzyme reactions. Exercise is shown to increase magnesium requirements by 10-20%, so it’s even more important for you to review how you are getting your magnesium if you do physical activity (and want to keep doing it).


Your muscles need magnesium to aid in energy production, which is how it improves the strength performance of athletes! And magnesium works to ensure muscles contract and relax effectively. When muscles are working, they produce ‘free radicals’ and lactic acid, which causes cramps and soreness, and magnesium is vital in the production of the antioxidant which removes them. In fact, it is the most important nutrient for athletes to enhance performance, prevent lactic acid build up and shorten the recovery time. It also has an effect on anxiety and disturbed sleep by its relaxation activity on the nervous system.


Don’t forget the fact that it helps to maintain a healthy bone mass density, lower blood pressure, general cognition, muscle spasm, and has been seen to have an effect on aggressive moods. Studied have even shown that a deficiency in magnesium is linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neuromuscular dysfunction, as well as muscle cramps.

Need any more reasons to use physio edge magnesium massage gel? Didn’t think so…

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